12 ways to have a healthy festive season


Just kidding, they totally do! A Christmas or two ago a colleague was doing the rounds of the office with a plate of cakes and slices and stopped by my desk to offer me some. When I politely declined, she looked at me and sneered, “That’s right, your body’s a temple.”…
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That time I cycled 100km


Frock friends, I achieved one of my big scary goals for 2015 recently. I completed the 100km Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge, along with almost 6,500 other mad keen cycling folk. In the days and weeks since, I’ve answered many questions and the words amazing and inspiring have been…
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Get Frocked this Frocktober


I love saying Get Frocked. It makes me giggle every time. Frocktober raises funds and awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Taking the Frocktober Challenge involves wearing a dress every day for the month of October. I’m definitely up for the challenge. I have enough frocks… but the challenge will be…
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Frock #6


I love this navy and white print frock from Leona Edmiston. It was an easy sell; my favourite colour when it comes to clothing is navy, the lily print is pleasing and the cut was perfect, draping in all the right places. Well it did when I first bought it….
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How I lost six dress sizes in a single day


Well… I didn’t, of course. And yet I did. All by changing my frock. With 93 frocks I think we can agree that I’m offering quite a scientific perspective on the phenomena of ridiculous clothes sizing. Having gone through several clothing sizes as I’ve lost weight, I’ve found that the number is…
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Video blog: losing the weight I’ve gained


Happy Saturday Frock Friends! I’m trying something new today. Inspired my friend Kris over at Among the leaves (who is busy creating all kinds of awesome things with clothes in her year of not buying new clothes), I’ve decided to try my hand a video blogging. It’s fantastic because I…
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That time I gained weight


I’ve been lax in blogging for some months. My weight is sitting between 83kg and 84kg. At the end of 2014 it was 77.7kg Six months, six kilos. This trend cannot continue. Weight gain Working on weight loss and wellness requires a lot of emotional energy and the past six months have…
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Mornings on Channel 9


So… about that time I was on the television. Mornings on Channel 9, specifically. It was a whirlwind morning and one of those times where you think goodness, did that just happen? An early start from Brisbane meant getting up at 3:30am for a 5:00am flight, and from there on…
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Frock #5


I purchased frock #5 when I returned from London and arrived into the heat of Brisbane summer, when very little of what I owned fit me, and what did, wasn’t suited to the weather. This size 20 Leona Edmiston dress was brilliant, as all of her dresses are. When I…
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