Hello, I’m Emma.

I created my blog to help and inspire people like me who want to make changes to their health and wellness.

I write about my experience of losing weight, discovering fitness, being super organised and dealing with my demons.

Overweight from a young age, watching the kilos and dress sizes increase year on year, I had all but given up. I had no idea how to solve this problem. I had tried many times before.

Mostly on Mondays.

At 120.2kg (265lb) giving up wasn’t really an option, but I thought the options, apart from the rather drastic ones, had all but run out.93frocks-before-and-after

Not everyone is faced with a challenge quite as substantial as mine,
but if you have:

  • struggled with your weight over a long period of time (me!)
  • experienced the ‘I used to be fit and sporty, but then I left high school’ dilemma
  • climbed your way up the career ladder working long hours at a desk, only to find your skirt size has increased along with your pay packet
  • been pregnant and gained more than a precious bundle
  • watched your clothes sizes creep up year after year and are wondering just how that happened…

…then my blog is for you.

My blog offers insights and lessons I’ve learned (and am still learning) about what it really takes to make epic change.



When people talk to me about what I’ve been doing, (which happens a lot – weight loss is quite the visual sport), they ask what my secret is. I found myself repeatedly describing it as my healthy living project.

Because it is quite the project, and like any project, it has a required a heady combination of commitment, planning, time, money, tasks, tears, resilience, will and consistency

If, like me, you’ve struggled with your weight, you’ll know that it’s about so much more than eat less and move more, or calories in and calories out.

If it were that simple, there wouldn’t be a global obesity issue.

If it were that simple, I would have sorted myself out some time ago.


I have no weight loss secret or magic pill on offer. I’m not doing Weight Watchers, Dukan, Atkins or a shake diet.

Nor am I taking medication, doing Jenny Craig, eating Lite & Easy, living the 5:2 or finding my inner cave self via paleo.

And I haven’t had weight loss surgery, but thank you to all the folks who have asked me just that. #manners

In the beginning I had a personal trainer, but these days, it’s all down to me.


I have 93 dresses. In five different sizes. I like to explain that it’s not nearly excessive as it sounds because I can only wear about 15 or so at any one time, season and size permitting.

My frocks have been a motivating part of my weight loss. When the scales haven’t shifted I find that my body is still shrinking as I fit into another lovely frock or two.



I’m 30 something and live in Brisbane, Australia. 158cm tall (short).

I moved back to Brisbane in February 2013 having spent the best part of 10 years shopping, travelling, eating, drinking and sometimes even working, in London, UK.

I work in the health area and have a business degree in marketing and a Master’s degree in public health.

Between my work and my education, I have a terrific (ironic) understanding of all the things that would statistically debilitate or kill me due to my excess weight.


An often asked question, I would love to say that I’m just a girl who hit rock bottom, found some motivation, got off her backside and decided to change her life.

But that isn’t what happened.

It wasn’t motivation. It was an intervention.

An *actual* intervention.

That’s how I got started. You can read about the intervention here.


I’ve been working on my healthy living project since April 2013.

Some days I’m loving myself madly.

Some days I’m bored with it all.

And some days I just want to sit on the couch with gin and chocolate (and sometimes I do!).

I hope you find ideas and inspiration here that help you with your health and wellness goals, and that my journey reminds you that you’re not alone in the battle that is weight loss.

Emma xoxo



I hang out on Facebook (rather too much), or you can find me on Instagram.

And if you have any questions, comments or feedback, email me via the contact form.