Small changes: calories in coffee


The whole business of being healthy and making permanent lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming.

Particularly in January when we’re saturated with information about the newest, best ever diet, cleanse, detox, miracle, pill or program.

Building your own healthy living project is about making small changes that become permanent habits.

Calories in coffee

Coffee. It’s one of my favourite things.

Since the beginning of my weight loss journey, I’ve had two large skinny cappuccinos daily. Way back when, I looked up the number of calories online – 100 calories for a skinny cappuccino.

When my weight loss slowed down, Chris was looking at what we could do to shake things up. We’ve never quite agreed on those skinny cappuccinos; he would prefer that I drink black coffee. But while I was making progress, he let it slide, particularly as I didn’t eat between meals and had the coffee instead.

I took a closer look at the calories in my coffee by getting out the Pyrex jug and measuring how much milk I was consuming.

Here’s what I worked out:


Note: If you have sugar in your coffee, add 20 calories per teaspoon.

It was more calories than I’d been accounting for. Almost double.

It might seem like no big deal. And one off it isn’t, but I was drinking two large coffees daily.

I had been accounting for 1,400 calories in coffee each week (2 x 100 calorie skinny cappuccinos daily), but I was actually drinking 2,576 calories, an extra 1,176 weekly.

Which is similar to the amount of calories I eat in a day.

I was drinking an extra day’s worth of calories every week.

My new habit

So what have I changed since that little discovery?

Firstly, I no longer work in the city so my expensive coffee habit (both financially and calorifically), has been curbed by availability.

I have the Nespresso machine at home and sometimes make a cappuccino, but mostly I add a small amount of milk to my coffee.

When I’m out and about, I still enjoy a skinny cappuccino but I always order a small one instead of medium or large.

This is my new coffee habit.

Making small changes every day adds up to big change overall.

What’s your coffee addiction habit?

And is there a small change you can make?

  • I used to love a skinny flat white when I first moved down under until one day I saw how much milk they poured into my large cup! So since then I switched to long black with a dash of skim milk. That way I get to enjoy all the coffee without all the calories!

    • Yep the whole cup! Well done on the long black with a dash of skim… I’m working on loving that… working on it slowly!

  • Erja Daley

    I gave up sugar and preservatives and the capuccinos when I was out… now I drink green tea and only the occasional cofee with froth and milk..yummy…So now I enjoy the treats I had all the time..only occasionaly and my waist line is shrinking….So impressed..

    • Oooh well done on giving up on the cappuccino’s! I’m not sure I’ll ever give them up, but I do limit to two small skinny capp’s a day – and I love them so much! Well done on the shrinking waistline 🙂 🙂