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Make ahead lunches


Make ahead lunches have made sticking to my diet during the working week quite manageable and have played a big part of eating the right foods consistently. Stepping out into the CBD to find something suitable to buy is not only tiresome with the heaving throngs, but if I’m having a…
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Healthy chicken mince spaghetti

“What do you eat?” is an often asked question in my life followed closely by, “How do you get organised with the food?” Bulk cooking has a lousy reputation for producing food from the freezer that’s bland and watery. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I eat simple,…
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Protein balls


Bliss balls, protein balls, power balls – whatever you call them, those yummy balls of goodness are popping up in cafes everywhere and I couldn’t be more pleased. (more…)

The magic of meatloaf


If had to tell my weight loss secret (there isn’t one, hello!), I’d call meatloaf. There’s nothing sexy about it. It’s more C.W.A. than O.C. But it’s one of the things I eat most. It also makes being on a diet feel a little less like being on a diet. …
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