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Frock #6


I love this navy and white print frock from Leona Edmiston. It was an easy sell; my favourite colour when it comes to clothing is navy, the lily print is pleasing and the cut was perfect, draping in all the right places. Well it did when I first bought it….
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Frock #5


I purchased frock #5 when I returned from London and arrived into the heat of Brisbane summer, when very little of what I owned fit me, and what did, wasn’t suited to the weather. This size 20 Leona Edmiston dress was brilliant, as all of her dresses are. When I…
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Frock #4


I heart frock #4. It has seen me through countless occasions; black tie events, weddings, race days and more. It’s super stretchy, so is very forgiving of weight fluctuations. This is how it looked today. This frock has been to a weddings in a small village on the coast of…
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Frock #3


Frock #3 is one of the very few frocks that fitted when I returned to Brisbane from London. And when I say fitted, I’m using the loose definition of the word. By which I mean there was nothing loose about it. It’s from Boden (so, so much love for Boden…
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Frock #2


I’m just going to confess up front that apart from taking this photo for my blog, I’ve never worn this dress anywhere. It’s in perfectly new condition. I feel certain that this frock suits someone, alas that someone is not me. (more…)

Frock #1


My sister has been hassling me to get my display of excess frock show on the road, so to begin the frock fest I’ve chosen one of my favourites. I wore this Boden tunic dress a lot when I was at my biggest (and even then, it was pretty tight…
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