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That time I cycled 100km


Frock friends, I achieved one of my big scary goals for 2015 recently. I completed the 100km Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge, along with almost 6,500 other mad keen cycling folk. In the days and weeks since, I’ve answered many questions and the words amazing and inspiring have been…
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Small changes: calories in coffee


The whole business of being healthy and making permanent lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming. Particularly in January when we’re saturated with information about the newest, best ever diet, cleanse, detox, miracle, pill or program. Building your own healthy living project is about making small changes that become permanent habits. Calories…
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How to manage the silly season

I had thought only a few weeks had passed since I last posted but upon review was shocked to find it has been almost a month since my post about the photo shoot for New Idea. This time of year is frenetic. And on top of that I’ve been madly…
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Q&A: my weight loss experience


I’ve been a member of a lovely Facebook group for people with more then 30kg to lose for a couple of years now. The group occasionally asks members who have lost a lot of weight to share their experience by answering the following 10 questions and they kindly invited me…
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Organisational hack: my car boot gym cupboard


My friends and family laugh, but this is one of the organisational hacks I use every week to make sure my excuses around exercise don’t get too much air time. Excuses like: “I didn’t have time to pack my gym bag.” “I’ve got no clean workout clothes.” (more…)