How I lost six dress sizes in a single day


Well… I didn’t, of course.

And yet I did.

All by changing my frock.

With 93 frocks I think we can agree that I’m offering quite a scientific perspective on the phenomena of ridiculous clothes sizing.

Having gone through several clothing sizes as I’ve lost weight, I’ve found that the number is arbitrary and one shouldn’t put too much emphasis on being a certain size.

It was very easy to go through my collection and find frocks in six different sizes that all fitted me on the same day.

Size 12

I liked this Laura Ashley dress so much that I went back and bought it in royal blue as well as navy. I even wore it on breakfast television.

It was on sale and then half price again. I think I paid $35 for the navy version and by the time I went back for the royal blue version it was down to $24.

I confess I found it rather cheering (but surprising), that they were a size 12. I can’t remember the last time I wore a size 12.

But I’m not a size 12. I know this because trying on anything in a size 12 otherwise will likely require assistance to get it off again.

The sizing of this frock is simply overly generous. Other size 12 dresses from Laura Ashley don’t fit me, I need a 14 or 16.



Size 14

This frock is one of my favourites. It’s not one of the original 93 Frocks. *ahem*

But, you know… a girl’s getting smaller! Some new frocks were needed…

However since I put on six kilos in the past six months, this dress is now rather tight (too tight to wear!) over my tummy and hips.


This little number was on sale at Review.

When I was much bigger, I avoided high necks with bows because with my giant bosoms it looked as though my head was perched on top of two cushions that had  been gift wrapped.

With far less chest these days (my boobs haven’t exactly disappeared, but they are a 14D now instead of a 20FF), frocks like this have become quite appealing.

I’ve found the clothes at Review to be reasonably accurate in their sizing. They aren’t so big that it’s a clear case of vanity sizing,  nor so small that you feel a little crap about the number on the tag.

Some of their range is a bit naff, (or maybe I’m just getting too old for the styles!), but they do make elegant and interesting clothes as well.

I’m looking forward to wearing this frock once I shed those extra kilos.

I’m thinking with navy tights and a navy long sleeved top for winter.


Size 16

This summer frock is from the Peter Morrisey range at Big W. It came with a belt, but I thought it looked cheap so I cut off the belt loops and gave the belt to charity.

This dress isn’t from the original 93 frocks either. *oops*

But… but! Almost all of my 93 frocks were from my time living in London, so I have had to buy some summer clothes suited to life in Brisbane. #justification

The Peter Morrisey range at Big W has some great gems at a reasonable price, and has been particularly useful throughout my the weight loss when I haven’t wanted to spend much money on new clothes.

Posing this way in the picture you can see that it’s pulling a little over my chest! I do put a pin in it when wearing to make sure those buttons don’t burst open…


Size 18

This frock is from a lovely British brand called L. K. Bennett (favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge – this is where those much worn nude heels come from as well), and is part of a three piece suit. I have the skirt and jacket as well.

And I may as well own up here and say that I also own the entire ensemble in a deep pink colour. #formershoppingaddict

What can I say – they were on sale! And they are the most beautiful quality.

Both suits are a size 18 and they only just fit.

L.K. Bennett cuts small.

These dresses are the very last size 18’s in my 93 frocks to fit, and as you can see in the picture this frock is still pulling a little bit across my tummy.


Size 20

My love of British brand Boden is well documented here, here and here.

And I realise that for the purpose of my post about six sizes in one day, I’m starting to push my luck a little on these last two.

This dress is stretchy, and was loose by the time this picture was taken. You can see that it’s gotten rather too big because it’s hanging so long.

However I would still wear it to work sometimes even though it was verging on frumpy.

Because it didn’t need ironing… so with a belt and a navy cardigan I managed to drag out it’s life a little longer.


Size 22

Not unlike the size 20 Boden dress above, this Boden dress is also a stretchy one that I wore tightly fitted across my body when I was really big, all the way through to when I was much smaller, and the belt highlighted up my waist rather than looking like a bow on an apple.

And like the size 20 Boden frock, I wore this one long after it had become too big, as I liked it very much.

It also didn’t need much in the way of ironing.

And it’s so British and cute!


Clothes sizing is ridiculous

Size doesn’t matter ladies. (Minds out of the gutter please!)

Clothes manufacturers pay scant attention to standardised sizing and thus we are condemned to take three different sizes of the same garment into a changing room to find the right fit.

This is very annoying and quite frankly I’d like to start charging them for wasting my time.

The way I think about my clothes sizing  these days goes like this:

  • Anything in a size 20 or 22 will be too big.
  • If I pick up a size 18 (note my experience of jeans shopping in this post), the majority will be too big.
  • If I pick up a size 16, about 80% will fit and the rest will be too big or small.
  • If I pick up a size 14, about half will fit and the rest will be too small.
  • If I pick up a size 12, it is unlikely that I’ll be able to get that garment either on or off again.

Overall, that makes me somewhere between a 14 and 16, and more 16 than 14. Mostly.

I’ve learned not to invest my emotional energy into the size of my clothing because clothing size has nothing to do with my value as a person; it’s about finding what fits best, because if it fits well, I feel good.

And feeling good is what matters.

What’s  your experience of clothes sizing?

Do share in the comments.

  • This is totally insane Emma! And such a powerful point to prove! We know sizes differ from store to store but seeing it laid out like this is another thing entirely. Great post!! (And as ususal, fabulous frocks. Also I’ve heard its going to be a terribly hot summer, you may need to continue to grow your summer collection!) x