Frock #1


My sister has been hassling me to get my display of excess frock show on the road, so to begin the frock fest I’ve chosen one of my favourites. I wore this Boden tunic dress a lot when I was at my biggest (and even then, it was pretty tight across my chest; there’s a tear under one of the arms!).

It was also one of the few frocks that fitted when I returned to Australia from London at the end of 2012, though coming into Brisbane summer at the time, it wasn’t much use. Long sleeves, heavy cotton and designed for wearing with tights meant it was stuffed into a cupboard for the remainder of the season. 93 frocks take up a lot of space.

I love the print; the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. It sold out quickly. Boden is a lovely British brand (who deliver to Australia for £12 by the way). I recommend having a look around their site.

I won’t be having a look around their site. I had to unsubscribe from their emails, for obvious reasons. But you go for it. Enjoy. (I did not, however, unsubscribe from their glorious catalogues. There’s no Add to Cart button in the catalogues).

Frock #1-January-2014

The photos above were taken at the end of January and the dress was starting to hang off me then. The photos below were taken in the fading afternoon light two days ago. My weight between these two photos is only about five to six kilos difference but my shape (which you can’t really see so much in these), has changed a lot in that time. Those rosy cheeks and extra chins are disappearing too!
I wish I could find a photo of myself in this when I used to wear it to compare, but they are challenging to come by as I avoided them. It’s hard to believe that the top half of this dress used to sit tight against my skin and the bottom half was just a little looser.

One of the things I notice in many of my dresses that are now too big is the way the shoulders fall down (it’s easy to forget that your back and upper arms change so much), and that they all seem longer.

This dress used to sit a few inches above my knees. Now that it doesn’t have to undulate over my boobs, tummy, hips and backside, it falls straight down. The only one I’m not so thrilled about in that list of shrinkage is the boobs. I’ve explained this to my PT Chris but he just rolls his eyes and says something about spot reduction not really being a thing and that where the weight comes off and in what order is not really within our control. #unhelpful.

I’m planning on getting this frock adjusted to to fit me again so I can wear it this winter. I’ll post a picture on Instagram when it’s ready.

Tunic dress styling

In London I would wear this tunic dress with opaque tights, knee high boots, a boyfriend cardigan and a scarf. Plus winter woolies as needed.

A note on the knee high boots I’m wearing  in my first photos. See how thin and elegant my legs look? My legs are neither thin nor elegant, they are short and round, but these pull on stretchy material boots make legs look fabulous in skirts and dresses.

This tip came from Trinny and Susannah, back in their BBC heyday, and though it can be tricky to track them down, this style of boot is great for the close fit and for getting them on over big calves.

Boden, LK Bennett and Hobbs (all British brands) always have a range of these stretch material boots for winter, so if you’re looking and can’t find then in Australia, check online around September for the European winter release and consider them an investment. I bought mine in 2005. If you are having trouble sourcing knee high boots for bigger calves, read this and this.  

A little London style tunic dress inspiration


Dress by Lazybones, scarf from Country Road, handbag from Saba, boots from Tony Bianco, boyfriend cardigan from Country Road, earrings from Mimco.

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And that, my frock friends, is frock #1. Just 92 to go.

  • Claire

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing more frocks 🙂

    • Thanks treasure 🙂 More frocks coming soon… just as soon as I dig them out from their various places stuffed into storage…

  • Bellybreathsofhappyness

    Wow! What a transformation. Fx

    • Thanks Fiona 🙂 I look at the pics and find it very odd, but so exciting as well.

  • Gorgeous dress, Emma! Looking forward to seeing them all 😉

    • Thank you. So. Many. More. But I know you totally understand the need to have many pretty things!