Frock #3


Frock #3 is one of the very few frocks that fitted when I returned to Brisbane from London.

And when I say fitted, I’m using the loose definition of the word. By which I mean there was nothing loose about it.

It’s from Boden (so, so much love for Boden in my life), size 22, and made from very stretchy viscose.

Bless Boden and their stretchy viscose. They enabled me to fulfil my delusion that I wasn’t a size 24, when I totally was. #denial

I wore this dress to meet with recruitment agencies and to the occasional job interview. It’s double layered fabric and I’d wear it with stockings and heels.

In December.

In Brisbane.

It was sweltering and I was so frustrated that nothing else suitable from my wardrobe fitted.

It also didn’t look that great for job interviews and I eventually caved and bought an overpriced suit for the purpose.

This photo was taken in January this year at my parent’s farm, when I’d lost around 30kg. It was much too big by then and had been stuffed in the wardrobe for several months.


And that is our sausage dog Penny, who is wondering why I’m ignoring her. I was trying not to laugh.

She followed my Mum and I around all afternoon trying to get a pat and photobombed all of my frock pics.

Sausage dogs are a breed that will eat themselves to death if given the opportunity (have you heard about Obie? He’s doing his own healthy living project), and Penny is a proper little piglet with food.

I often think that Penny and I have a little too much in common.

The frock today

For a little fun, this photo was taken by my lovely friend Jade this morning, now at almost 40kg down.


It’s a little hard to see where the material ends and my body starts in this picture, but it sure is too big.

The funniest part is the length; this frock used to sit just below my knees. And now it sits just above my ankles.

I look back on this one fondly.

I liked this frock. I loved the colour. Boden is fabulous. It served its purpose.

And that, frock friends, is frock #3.

  • Jade Symonds


  • Claire

    Thanks for sharing Em. I love hearing about the stories of your dresses 🙂 Nice cameo for Penny… 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Treasure – more to come! Penny looks so cute and compliant in these photos…

  • Wow! Simply amazing! You should be so proud of yourself Em.
    C x

    • Thanks so much Claire, it is pretty exciting, and popping on these dresses from the beginning of the journey are such a great reminder of how far I’ve come, and motivate me to keep on going!

  • Marney

    I’ve only recently discovered Boden! You’re right, great style, great colour….but great news it’s too big too! And I’m a little bit in love with Penny…I had no idea sausage dogs were such piggies! She’s super cute though!

    • Isn’t Boden amazing? I had to unsubscribe from their emails (clearly I own enough Boden to stock a shop!)…. but I still have their lovely, lovely catalogues delivered. They have gorgeous children’s clothes as well. Yes indeed, sausage dogs and food… but we forgive Penny for it because she’s very, very cute!