Frock #4


I heart frock #4.

It has seen me through countless occasions; black tie events, weddings, race days and more.

It’s super stretchy, so is very forgiving of weight fluctuations.

This is how it looked today.


This frock has been to a weddings in a small village on the coast of Queensland (Toogoom), the depths of Hertfordshire in England and on 5th Avenue, New York City.

Fat or thin, it’s a flattering style for anyone with boobs and hips, highlighting the good bits (cleavage) and covering the not so good bits (hello there arms).

It works for both both summer and winter.

And I adore lace. Lace is incredibly elegant.

It doesn’t even need ironing. Just stuff it in your suitcase, pull it out, put it on and voilà! Frocked up and ready to go.

I love this frock so much that I bought it in navy, two sizes smaller, for my sister’s wedding in September 2013, after I’d lost 22kg.


Derby Day 2012

Today is Melbourne Cup Day in Australia, and two years ago I was in Melbourne for Derby Day, which is held on the Saturday before Melbourne Cup Day.

For the uninitiated, on Derby Day, everyone wears black and white. I have no idea why, but it’s very pleasing on the eye.


Derby Day was about two months after I returned to Australia from London and it was a reunion with a group of my London girlfriends.

We had worked together in London and it was the first time we’d all been in one place since we’d returned to our various home cities after our time in the UK.

And when I say we worked together, I mean that I was actually their boss, and clearly an excellent one at that as we continue to be friends today (either that, or they still need references when they are applying for jobs and are just keeping me sweet!).

We’ve had two more reunions since then; the first at the end of March 2014 in the Adelaide Hills, almost 18 months after Derby Day and just last month in Melbourne.

They are fantastic ladies and wonderful friends, and have been nothing but supportive and hugely excited about the changes I’ve made to my health.

I thought the photos from these reunions were a great way to show my weight loss progress since the last time I took frock #4 out for it’s final spin.

  • Derby Day photos in frock #4 are circa 120kg in November 2012
  • Adelaide Hills photos are circa 86kg (-34kg) in March 2014
  • Melbourne photos are circa 81kg (-39kg) in October 2014

Nov 12 // Mar 14 // Oct 14


Emma and Emma (Nov 12//Mar 14)


Melissa and Emma (Nov 12//Oct 14)


Laura and Emma (Mar 14//Oct 14)


And that, Frock Friends, is Frock #4.

This was my go-to frock for fancy occasions for many years. Do you have a fancy outfit that just works and makes you feel great?

PS – If you like the frock, it’s an American brand called Kiyonna and has been available every season for years online hereIt’s called the scalloped boudoir lace dress (how lush), and in the photos I have the black with nude lining (size 3x 22-24), and for my sister’s wedding I wore the navy with nude lining (size 1x 14-16).

PPS – How much smaller is my chest!?! These photos are eye-opening even for me. I wish my tummy would shrink that fast!

  • Bellybreathsofhappyness

    Omg Emma. These photos just really show how far you’ve come. You must be really proud of yourself and your achievement so far. The dress is beautiful but think of all the gorgeous dresses that are still to come. It must be so exciting shopping! Whatever your size, you’re still beautiful in all the pics. Fx

    • They certainly are quite the reality check Fiona! Yes feel pretty great 🙂 Slow and steady right! And shopping is a whole new world – so much choice!

  • It’s a gorgeous dress and you look gorgeous in all the images. I love it in Navy. Rachel x

    • Oh thank you Rachel 🙂 I love it in Navy too – it was just perfect for my sister’s wedding. Sadly (well in a good way!) it’s now too big but that is the smallest size they make. If I have another fancy event to attend I’m tempted to get it re-cut to fit!

  • Another gorgeous frock!! True sign of a winning style has to be buying it again! I’ve been thinking about how many frocks there WILL be! Surely there might be some fabulous new frocks sneaking in for your fabulous new self? x

    • There *may* have been some new frocks bought since I did that original count. I mean, what’s a girl to do? Most of my frocks and tweed and wool and suited to the London life and climate I once had! Summer frocks? Well… I just needed a *few* things. Just a few….