Frock #5


I purchased frock #5 when I returned from London and arrived into the heat of Brisbane summer, when very little of what I owned fit me, and what did, wasn’t suited to the weather.

This size 20 Leona Edmiston dress was brilliant, as all of her dresses are. When I first bought it, it was rather fitted (okay, quite tight).

By the time this photo was taken I was many kilos lighter, it was getting baggy and was soon retired.

I do love bright colours and am rather partial to a bold print.

Prints are far more flattering to lumps and bumps than block colour, so next time you’re tempted to get that black or navy number for its slimming properties, put it back on the rack and give prints a go.

Besides the frock, what makes me smile most about this outfit is the necklace and the shoes.


I love accessories

And I have a great collection of them, because while it was hard to find clothes in my size, accessories ALWAYS fitted.

I acquired the turquoise necklace at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, on the way to Gallipoli where I spent one Anzac Day several years ago.

It was a great investment as it matches almost anything (that could be because I am partial to the colour and just wear it with everything regardless), but it’s also pleasing to wear as the stones are a nice weight and they heat up against my skin.

And the red shoes! With  bows! These are from Marc Jacobs.

I bought them in Paris at Galeries Lafayette when my sister and I were backpacking through Europe more than 10 years ago

Indeed I love these shoes and they only get worn on special occasions. Also with the problems I have in my heels, ballet flats get limited outings. So these are some well-preserved shoes.

I bought them in the January sales which are a huge deal in Paris, as they only happen twice a year for a set number of days.

They cost around 70 Euros on sale and at the time, my daily backpacking budget was 60 Euros a day (including accommodation), so it was quite the spend!

And that, Frock Friends, is Frock #5.

Only 88 to go.


  • You look so pretty… and so different!

    I love hearing the back-story to your dresses. What a globe-trotting adventure this outfit has been on!

    • Thank you so much Natalie! That’s very kind of you to say.

      My dresses (and accessories) have indeed been sourced in some pretty exciting places – living in London really was awesome. I miss the UK! I hope you’re enjoying it for me over there 🙂

  • Love the frock, LOVE the shoes! How great is Leona?! Also love that when backpacking there was still budget and space for Marc Jacobs. Sometimes a gal’s just gotta make a steal work!

    • Oh thanks Andrea 🙂 Leona rocks and I KNOW you’d understand the need for red Marc Jacobs shoes *with bows* when backpacking. Space just had to be made and money found. They were an investment!