Frock #6


I love this navy and white print frock from Leona Edmiston.

It was an easy sell; my favourite colour when it comes to clothing is navy, the lily print is pleasing and the cut was perfect, draping in all the right places.

Well it did when I first bought it.


The frock is a size 20 and by the time this photo was taken, some of my curves had melted off and it was no longer draping well. Instead it was hanging down a lot longer than the original knee length.

But before it got too big, it was on high rotation as I always felt great wearing it.

The only downside of this frock was that it was sleeveless.

I’ve only felt comfortable getting my arms out since late last year, so at the time, I wore this frock with the little navy cardigan.frock-6-3

My Mum took these photos and I was uncomfortable doing a couple of shots sans cardigan, but she insisted.

My teeth are gritted together in a very tight smile here… #motherknowsbest

My arms aren’t amazing these days either but I’m no longer self conscious about getting them out; partly due to the weight loss and partly due to an overall  increase in body confidence.frock-6-2

I would have liked to have this frock resized smaller as it’s so pretty and elegant and I wore it a lot, alas it’s not really suited to it.

I hope Ms Edmiston releases something like this again.

I could do with with a new frock for summer…

PS Frock Friends, I’ve just noticed how much my boobs have shrunk since these photos were taken. *cries*

  • Oh Leona, she always knows how to bring the goods! Another gorgeous frock, Emma. Also, I would very gladly trade arms! x