Mornings on Channel 9


So… about that time I was on the television. Mornings on Channel 9, specifically.

It was a whirlwind morning and one of those times where you think goodness, did that just happen?

An early start from Brisbane meant getting up at 3:30am for a 5:00am flight, and from there on I fretted about being late for the next couple of hours.

The flight was delayed taking off. The flight was delayed landing. There were about 300 people in the taxi queue. It took 45 minutes to get in a taxi.

And hello there Sydney traffic.

Oh my.

The ladies from Channel 9 Mornings were phoning periodically to see how much longer I’d be.

I was trying to be calm and not sound panicked, until one of them asked directly if I thought I would make my 9:50am time slot?

I didn’t think I would.

My vision of a leisurely hour enjoying studio makeup and big TV hair had by now slipped away and emergency beauty measures deployed, as I realised I was about to go on national television looking… like I got up at 3:30am and got on a plane.

I’d only slapped on enough make-up before leaving home so as not to scare people, but fortunately, had my little make-up bag with me, even though I hadn’t expected to need it that day.

So in the back of the taxi I did my face with what I had to hand.

And I brushed my hair, which I’d washed at 3:30am and had left to dry naturally, safe in the knowledge that big TV hair was on its way.

Note to self: next time am on breakfast television (!), blow dry hair before leaving. JUST IN CASE.

The running commentary in my head

Meanwhile somewhere in another part of my mind (the part not panicking about the time or the impending bare-faced, cack-haired TV debut), there were all the thoughts about the impending interview.

Something like this:

Oh my goodness Emma you’re about to go on national breakfast telly and talk about being terrifically fat, the intervention and your ridiculous shopping habits.

And the pictures.



Why did you do that?

You should have picked the fat but not hideous ones but no, you sent them all. Even the one in the black leggings and a singlet.


And… Georgie Gardner!

Oooh – actually – nice one – very excited to meet Georgie because she is all kinds of fabulous.

Don’t swear. And don’t babble.

Be eloquent. Be inspiring. Be delightful.

Say something meaningful.

What can I saw that’s meaningful?

And useful. Be useful.

Don’t be the weirdo who goes all deer in the headlights and forgets to talk.

OMG what if I go all deer in the headlights and forget to talk?



*Deep yoga breaths*

I made it. But only just.

When I stepped out of the taxi, Mel from Mornings on Channel 9 was relieved that I looked presentable enough to skip through hair and make-up as there was a mere 60 seconds to have a swish of de-shine across my face and a light hair brush.

Then it was straight to the green room to leave my bags and onto the set to get miked up for sound followed by a ‘sit here’ on the set.

I had a quick chat with Georgie while the ad break was on, and before we started she said that all I needed to do was focus on having the conversation with her about my story, tell it as I’d tell any of my friends, and that there would be thousands of ladies glued to the television this morning who would be looking forward to hearing what I had to say, as so many people are looking for inspiration to help with their own weight loss challenges.

After a frenetic morning, it was a really good reminder as to why I was there and I relaxed a little bit. She is so delightful and genuine that it made the whole thing a lot easier.

And from that point onwards I can’t remember anything much at all about the interview itself.

It happened so quickly!

Though the flood of relief and rush of adrenalin afterwards was palpable.



The folks from the show were delighted with the interview and were surprised I hadn’t done television before – so I happily took that as a compliment.

I stayed on set for a little while afterwards to get some photos with everyone.

It was rather lovely experience overall and the entire Mornings on Channel 9 team couldn’t have been more welcoming.

And then it was back to the airport!

Texts were madly coming through as well as comments on my Instagram and Facebook pages, though of course at this stage I hadn’t actually seen the interview!

When it finally showed up online I was still in the airport and watched it on my iPhone.

Watching oneself on the television is a most uncomfortable experience. It’s the only time I’ve watched it through – I can’t bring myself to do it a second time!

That said, I was really pleased with the interview and grateful for the opportunity to share my experience with so many.

Lots of people have emailed me directly and commented on Facebook about how inspiring they found it, and that they were pleased to see someone who had lost weight in a sensible and achievable way, with no fad dieting or surgical intervention.

And I do like what I *think*I said at the end, something along the lines of, “Don’t wait for motivation, an epiphany or to hit rock bottom. They may never happen.  Just start. Once you start doing what you need to do for your weight loss, then the motivation will come.”

I’m paraphrasing. Because I’ve only watched it once.


Georgie is so tall and pretty! I must wear heels next time…. and blow dry my hair!

So that’s a wrap.

Not so long ago I could never have dreamed I’d be on breakfast television talking about weight loss.

But I guess not so long ago I could never have imagined losing 40+kg as well.

Dare to dream Frock Friends.

You can watch the video clip of my television debut here