New Idea, bathers & me


Frock friends, I’ve been putting off sharing this one, but as I stood, butt naked bar a scanty paper g-string being spray tanned by one of the delightful ladies at Lush Tan Beauty this morning, I knew it was time to confess all here.

You see, on Saturday, just two short days from now, I’m off to Sydney for the day.

To take part in a photo shoot.

For New Idea!

It’s for their new year weight loss inspiration special, with a group of ladies who’ve all lost more than 30kg.

So far, so exciting right?


But back to the spray tan.

Because – the catch is – I have to wear bathers.


Yes, I’m shouting.


I’ve always said that these opportunities to inspire others are so very welcome, but that getting down to my smalls(!) was never going to happen.


Pretty damn close to underwear quite frankly.

I get some sage advice

Being unable to make this decision on my own (my inner fat girl was screaming NOOOOOOOOOO…..), I had to consult with the women in my life.

My sister Claire:

“You’ll just have to get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Blunt, but point well made. Have to love family for the direct approach.

My friend Jade:

“I think you should do it. You should be f***ing proud of yourself. Seriously dude. New f***ing Idea. They will take great pics. You have lost FORTY F***NG KILOS – I’m so excited for you.”

My friend Felicity:

“Your story should be shared. You can really help other people and I genuinely think that it would be both brave and cool.”

My friend Leanne:

“DO IT. Be proud. They will make sure it’s done well. I think the idea of it might feel weird but in the end you will think ‘good on me – that’s awesome’. Because it goes like this:

*page turn*

George Clooney!

*page turn*

A Kardashian!

*page turn*


My PT  & Wellness Coach Chris:

“Will they make you wear a g-string?”

Um… not helpful Christopher.

The decision is made

And so, bolstered by the women in my life, I said yes and decided to think of it no more until the time rolled around.

And here we are.

Here’s the thing. I love what I’ve done and how I feel.

40kg off my body feels amazing. And at a size 14-16 I’m now average.

I’ve NEVER been average. It’s terrifically exciting.

And I’m loving my life more and more every day.

But that’s quite removed from being photographed in my bathers and published in a national magazine. I’m all good with getting my bathers on at the beach or the pool with friends (I didn’t used to be), but this is confronting on a whole new level.

I’m still on the path, I have up to 20kg more to lose, so I’m not exactly the typical ‘after’ shot.

Because I’m not done yet. And I’m not sure I’ll ever be ‘done’ as such, even after I lose the rest of the weight because maintaining it will be a whole new learning lesson all over again.

My body is definitely showing the wear and tear of weight loss (well, weight gain and then loss). My skin isn’t amazing, my stretch marks could be an artwork on their own and I’m one very pale English rose.

However I think perhaps that’s okay.

I hope that the ladies with big amounts of weight to lose, who are in those scary three digit numbers like I was, can take some inspiration from my story all the same, because it’s definitely about the journey and not the end point; getting started and not giving up.


I am duly spray tanned in a rather fabulous shade of sunkissed. Laser hair removal has been in play for some time so there’s no emergency *situation* to deal with there (Paddington Laser Lounge in Brisbane are amazing by the way). My hair was recently cut and coloured. Manicure and pedicure tomorrow.

And after that, it’s just a matter of holding my nerve.

Thank you to you, lovely ladies

So this one’s for all of the great women in my life who have been so incredibly supportive of my healthy living project; my sister Claire, my lovely Mum, my Aunty Gail, girlfriends Jade, Leanne, Felicity, Melinda, Mary, Mandy, Kate and Helen, my London girls, the great ladies I work out with at the gym who squealed with delight upon finding out what I was up to on Saturday, the fabulous women on my Facebook page and of course you, Frock Friends and readers of my blog.

I’m taking my strength on this one from all of you.

Thank you for your beautiful words of support over the past 20 months during what has been an epic lifestyle change, and wish me luck!

I’ll post some pics on Instagram and Facebook as the day unfolds.

And PS…. I have no idea exactly what I’ll be wearing but if they bring out a two piece all bets are off, I’m doing a runner.

Tell me Frock Friends, how do you feel the fear and do it anyway or get comfortable with being uncomfortable? Do share!

  • Good on you lady!! I was only thinking two pieces, a one piece didn’t even enter my head! 🙂 I am with Jade. You should be so amazingly proud of yourself and what you have achieved. If I had one smidge of your self-discipline I wouldn’t be eating this Milky Bar right now! Have an amazing weekend! I can’t wait to see all.

    • Thanks Karin! Ahhhh two piece! I’m definitely crossing my fingers for a one piece 🙂 Indeed I am super proud – it’s all good stuff. Just some new experiences! You enjoy that Milky Bar lovely lady, especially as, if I remember correctly – white chocolate is the only chocolate you eat! I need that gene…

  • Claire

    Go Emma! A super exciting opportunity to share your journey and success with others 🙂 Onwards and upwards!

  • So proud of you! xx

  • That is awesome Emma! Embrace it!

  • All I can say is congratulations and OWN IT BABY!! 😉 Beth.

  • Cat Finemore

    Em, it will all go swimmingly. So proud of you for everything you’ve achieved and will go in to. C

    • Thanks Cat – that is so lovely of you to say – wish you were here! Hope you’re all well xoxo.

  • Flis Deane

    Your ability to face your fears and embrace the unknown is admirable. It would be a confronting process for most people – and one that a lot of people would instantly block. You have obviously become strong in many ways through this process.

    • Oh thanks Felicity that is such a lovely comment. It was definitely a little confronting but I feel good about doing it now.

  • Great read Emma – and it worked out so well! My trick for summoning the braveness is a good power-ballad right before! Good on you Emma – this is great stuff. x

    • Love a good power ballad! Though unhelpfully my mind always seems to go to that scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where she’s singing ‘All by Myself’ into her hairbrush… in her pj’s… with her vodka… Is it concerning that I relate a little too well to that? It was all good fun though 🙂

  • That’s so exciting! Hope you went well!

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

    • Thank you! It did go well though I nearly cried (okay I did cry a little bit) – I was so nervous. We shall see – it comes out next week. And I’m feeling far, FAR more nervous about that happening!