I’m in new idea!

It was with a a few nerves that I got out of bed this morning and went down to the local newsagent to buy a copy of the magazine to see how it all looked in print.

I had literally gotten into the car, stopping only to brush my teeth, put on a dress and tie back my hair. Not my most glam. As fate would have it, I ran into someone I knew!

I was momentarily mortified by this before being delighted to run into Kate, who I had only met before via the interwebs and social media. Kate has a brilliant blog about her own weight loss journey here and a great Instagram and mini-blog here.


It was pretty exciting to see it all in print. All of the ladies look amazing and I think people looking to make big changes to their health will find everyone’s stories inspiring.


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A photo shoot with New Idea

I couldn’t share too much until the magazine came out today (this was my blog post about it before I went – New Idea, Bathers and Me), but here’s how the day unfolded.

It was a very early start from Brisbane.


I had a little moment of gratefulness. Easily fitting into small spaces, like plane seats, is one of the many benefits of my weight loss.

Also, I’m the odd lady getting excited and taking photos of things like this.


My gorgeous friend Melissa picked me up from the airport and we had coffee and yummy breakfast at The Grounds of Alexandria. I passed on the toast, with the impending photos being taken in my bathers.




The photo shoot was set up in the nearby Sun Studios.


Chloe was the lovely lady who made me look amazing.

Though I’m sure she initially thought I was a little rude, or weird, as I was so nervous I could barely put a couple of words together. Very unlike me.


Trying on bathing suits in a room of a many, many bathing suits. It was a little like you see on the tv shows… lots of people poking and prodding to get everything um… sitting just right. #bosom

I really liked these Robyn Lawley bathers. The pretty cover up was only to wear while swanning about… the photo shoot was sans cover up!


I’d like a make-up artist, hairdresser and fake eyelashes every day.

new idea

Getting used to what I look like all made up. And trying on more bathers.

new -idea-bather

The first pictures taken were the ones on my own in the Robyn Lawley bathers and I was so nervous and teary I forgot to ask someone to take a photo of me being photographed. My legs shook like jelly and I focused on not falling over in the very high heels.

The second set of photos were in a little group and by then I was a little more relaxed and it was quite fun. The folks from the New Idea team were great.


I thought I’d share this pic (below) with you all. It’s not the easiest one to share but I hope it’s a little reminder to be kind to yourself, no matter where you’re at in the journey. No airbrushing, a front on shot, but with a few filters to soften things up!

At a size 14-16 now from a 22-24, (the average size of Australian women is 14-16), I could look at this and can be really critical and unhappy or be grateful and joyous.

I’m choosing the latter. It took all of my courage to take part in the photo shoot with New Idea and I’m so pleased that I did it.

I still have a little way to go and some more weight to lose, but I’ve come so, so far – beyond what I could ever have imagined.


Are you in Brisbane?

If you or someone you know is looking to make big changes to their weight and wellness and needs a lot of support to do so, make sure you check out The Healthy Living Project – a 12 week weight loss and wellness program that I’ve created with my personal trainer and wellness coach Chris, starting on January 31 in the Brisbane CBD. There are 14 amazing inclusions. Training sessions are three times a week and everything else is via email, online and text message. Places are limited (20 people maximum).

That’s a wrap

This was me, back in Brisbane at the end of a long day after the photo shoot, admiring my fake eyelashes and contemplating how to glue them on forever.

new ideaSo there you have it Frock Friends. Wearing bathers in a national magazine. I’m still a little surprised at myself.

As my sister said to me about it all, doing great things means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What are you doing in 2015 that takes you out of your comfort zone? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Marney

    EMMA!!!!! First of all: Congratulations! You are SO BRAVE and I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! Putting bathers on is one thing, being photographed in them is another….but those photo’s being printed in a NATIONAL MAGAZINE?! Holy heck!!!! You look absolutely stunning and your courage and confidence just shows how far you’ve come. Well done gorgeous lady! What an amazing journey and what a wonderful keepsake for you to show-off! Im loving those bathers too! Woot-woooo! Oh, and in regards to what I’m doing to get out of my comfort zone this year…..I’ve just completed my first week of daily exercise to try and lose the last of my baby weight! I want to make a more permanent change to my health and lifestyle so I’m hoping its just the beginning of my new love of exercise! (We’ve not been friends in the past!) x

    • Marney you are gorgeous and fantastic – thanks so much for your fabulous and kind words. Indeed a national magazine + bathers! I think the secret was to just do and not think or I would have piked out 🙂 If only I got to keep those lovely Robyn Lawley bathers… I’d buy them, but… since I currently have three pairs of pretty bathers and one ugly pair of swim training bathers I’d feel a bit guilty buying yet another pair!

      WELL DONE on doing the first week of daily exercise! If you enjoy it and mix it up a little I’m sure you can make the permanent change to include it always. Especially now that Violet has those rocking pair of Frozen themed runners that light up as she runs… they really should make those things for adults!

  • Claire

    Awesome Ems! Looking very glam 🙂 You will inspire many people by sharing your story in the magazine. Great job!

    • Thanks treasure – if only my make-up and hair magically looked like that every day! Lots of fun though to look so glam for the day. Indeed I hope people are inspired, as you know – if I can do this, after so long not being able to do this, I’m quite certain others can too.

  • You look absolutely gorgeous Emma, and so inspirational. Thanks for sharing your story. I had a little giggle at your photo of your legs in the plane seat. That’s what I’m working towards!

    • Thanks so much Di 🙂 Keep working towards it! It’s one of those really great ‘non scale victories’ that are so good to tick off.

  • See that. Amazing. You did so well. I m also so proud of you. I can imagine all the feelings that bumped into your heart. You are a star. Bravo. Xxx cathy

  • Congratulations Emma! This is awesome! Your determination and hard work deserves celebrating and look at you go. You look fabulous and strong! Go you good thing!

    • Thanks Karin! Celebrating indeed – never thought it would be like this but it was good fun!

  • Felicity

    Emma, the challenge you have put yourself through the last two years has been incredible. I know the healthy living project will be an amazing program that will change people both mentally and physically. Life is just so much better living this way. Thank you for demonstrating how to face fears head on and live in a more fulfilling way.

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  • Congratulations Emma! And good on you! What an adventure its been!! Looks like a fun day despite the nerves – the Robyn Lawley togs look great! I had some va-va-voom lashes over the holidays too, don’t they make you feel good!? Well done. x

    • Those va-va-voom lashes are the bomb! I used to get the eyelash extensions when I lived in London and they were amazing! But unfortunately my *actual* eyelashes seemed to fall out as the extensions came out so it wasn’t quite the winning glam strategy that I’d hoped for 🙂 And – thank you! Quite the adventure indeed.

  • Wow! You look awesome! I’ve headed over to your site after seeing your link on ProBlogger. I think I’m going to love reading al the back stories of your journey! A personal make up designer every day sounds, well, divine! See you at the Brisbane ProBlogger!

    • Thanks Caitlin 🙂 A personal make-up and hair person daily would be so brilliant, but for now I think I will just be using Instagram filters! Very much looking forward to meeting you at the Brisbane event soon!

  • Erja Daley

    Soooooo well done….You are an inspiration to everyone…..Congratulations…..Erja Daley

    • Oh thanks so much Erja! Being an inspiration is a new feeling but I’m getting used to the word 🙂 Getting in my bathers in front of a camera was definitely a new barrier to overcome!