How to manage the silly season

I had thought only a few weeks had passed since I last posted but upon review was shocked to find it has been almost a month since my post about the photo shoot for New Idea. This time of year is frenetic. And on top of that I’ve been madly…
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New Idea, bathers & me


Frock friends, I’ve been putting off sharing this one, but as I stood, butt naked bar a scanty paper g-string being spray tanned by one of the delightful ladies at Lush Tan Beauty this morning, I knew it was time to confess all here. You see, on Saturday, just two…
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Frock #4


I heart frock #4. It has seen me through countless occasions; black tie events, weddings, race days and more. It’s super stretchy, so is very forgiving of weight fluctuations. This is how it looked today. This frock has been to a weddings in a small village on the coast of…
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Q&A: my weight loss experience


I’ve been a member of a lovely Facebook group for people with more then 30kg to lose for a couple of years now. The group occasionally asks members who have lost a lot of weight to share their experience by answering the following 10 questions and they kindly invited me…
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Frock #3


Frock #3 is one of the very few frocks that fitted when I returned to Brisbane from London. And when I say fitted, I’m using the loose definition of the word. By which I mean there was nothing loose about it. It’s from Boden (so, so much love for Boden…
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Make ahead lunches


Make ahead lunches have made sticking to my diet during the working week quite manageable and have played a big part of eating the right foods consistently. Stepping out into the CBD to find something suitable to buy is not only tiresome with the heaving throngs, but if I’m having a…
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Healthy chicken mince spaghetti

“What do you eat?” is an often asked question in my life followed closely by, “How do you get organised with the food?” Bulk cooking has a lousy reputation for producing food from the freezer that’s bland and watery. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I eat simple,…
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Frock #2


I’m just going to confess up front that apart from taking this photo for my blog, I’ve never worn this dress anywhere. It’s in perfectly new condition. I feel certain that this frock suits someone, alas that someone is not me. (more…)