Protein balls


Bliss balls, protein balls, power balls – whatever you call them, those yummy balls of goodness are popping up in cafes everywhere and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Depending on what’s in them of course.

If there’s no ingredient list available I don’t eat them. They can easily be all sugar and spice.

But better than buying them (and goodness they are not inexpensive at circa $4 each), protein balls are easily made at home.

I made these protein balls for a little afternoon tea gathering of adults and children a couple of weeks back. The adults thought they were great and the kids didn’t spot them as a healthy option. Also, I could eat them. #winning

There are lots of recipes floating about the internet but my pick is this simple one from Teresa Cutter on The Healthy Chef website.

My coconut covered protein balls were as per the recipe and the chocolate powder covered ones had an additional heaped tablespoon of dark cocoa powder, the grated rind from one orange and a couple of tablespoons of the orange juice added to the mixture and then blended a little longer in the food processor.

I used both the chocolate protein powder and the naked chocolat from The Healthy Chef. I really like their protein powder and as it’s something I use daily, I appreciate that it’s a natural product and doesn’t contain other fillers and flavours like a lot of protein powders do.

The recipe says that it makes 14 but because I was making these to fit in the pretty little cases, I ended up with about 20.

A note of caution

These are a little addictive. If you make them for a social gathering, do as I did and enjoy them on the day and then leave all of them with the hosts.

If you’re using them to fuel your workout, eat one 45 minutes beforehand or immediately after.

I can’t make these to have at home as I would (and have!) eaten far too many at once.

In the end they are still calories so make with caution and if you can’t stop at one (me) and are watching what you eat (still me), don’t make them for home consumption but save them for parties, BBQs and afternoon teas.

  • Mary Chesher

    Seriously, these are amazing!!! I treated myself to one as I have been doing well on my diet and thought it was time for a reward. My son had frozen them, perhaps to slow himself on devouring them all at once, but a few seconds in the microwave and wow……!!!

    • Thanks Mary! Really pleased you like them, and nice work on the diet – these make for a lovely (and healthy) reward. Defrosting in the microwave sounds great. I confess I can happily eat them from frozen…