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Organisational hack: my car boot gym cupboard


My friends and family laugh, but this is one of the organisational hacks I use every week to make sure my excuses around exercise don’t get too much air time. Excuses like: “I didn’t have time to pack my gym bag.” “I’ve got no clean workout clothes.” (more…)

Protein balls


Bliss balls, protein balls, power balls – whatever you call them, those yummy balls of goodness are popping up in cafes everywhere and I couldn’t be more pleased. (more…)

Frock #1


My sister has been hassling me to get my display of excess frock show on the road, so to begin the frock fest I’ve chosen one of my favourites. I wore this Boden tunic dress a lot when I was at my biggest (and even then, it was pretty tight…
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The magic of meatloaf


If had to tell my weight loss secret (there isn’t one, hello!), I’d call meatloaf. There’s nothing sexy about it. It’s more C.W.A. than O.C. But it’s one of the things I eat most. It also makes being on a diet feel a little less like being on a diet. …
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An intervention

I am often asked how I got started with my healthy living project. It was some months after it happened before I actually told anyone quite how. I guess I was a little embarrassed. It was 16 March, the day before St Patrick’s day, when I went over to Melinda’s…
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Welcome and thank you for visiting as I venture into this world of blogging and sharing my story. I’m excited (and nervous) but this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for some time and it’s pleasing to see it become a reality. This first post will take you on…
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